A Cluttered ECommerce Website

For your eCommerce website to succeed, you have to ensure that your website looks professional. From a basic business website, through to the corporate side of a successful eCommerce website, an unprofessional and cluttered site will not impress your visitors in the least.

Think about the business card that you have, and if you do not think it looks professional, then you are probably not even using one. From that business card you get out to a sales meeting, you could be sitting amongst a room full of people who know each other by face only. Even though you might be speaking to a few of these people and not even remember their names, that does not give you the right to use an unprofessional website.

Most people only use their websites to shop on. These people will be completely at ease with a very professional looking site, while the customer who may not be aware of the site at all would still take a quick glance. Let’s face it, if your website does not look professional, your customers will go elsewhere.

Any of the visitors who find your website not professional are going to turn around and tell their friends about it, and any of those friends will tell their friends. You will eventually be out of business.

The first thing you need to do to make your website look professional is clean it up a little. In particular, you need to get rid of clutter.

Clutter is not only a great source of headaches, but it is also a clear sign that the site was designed incorrectly. The design of a web page is always under the control of the web designer, but with a cluttered site it is usually down to lack of planning on the part of the webmaster.

Get rid of your business card and anything else that could be unimportant in the website. There are free tools available to help you out with this process. These tools will allow you to mark out some sections that are of critical importance to your site, and then get rid of all the other sections that are not important at all.

Next, you want to ensure that you have a clear navigation system in place. Don’t be afraid to add lots of links throughout the site, especially from the main page to the shopping cart. Remember, people love to have the option to add to their shopping list without leaving the home page.

Also, add an ordering or payment section. A clear payment area is a necessary tool for a successful website. It is very difficult to carry out transactions online if you cannot find the right form to pay, and adding a section like this is always a good idea.

Also add a link to your About Us page, if you have one. A clear About Us page is always a good idea for any web site and adds another level of contact to the site. Also, add a link to your contact page.

Finally, make sure that the site has a link to the site FAQ section. Sometimes it is good to use the FAQ sections to clarify problems, or provide information to customers on a particular point. Use a FAQ section to turn people into buyers.

Any business owner with an eCommerce website can do a lot to improve the look and feel of their site. Just follow the simple tips above and you will have your customers thanking you.