Finding A WordPress Plugin Developer For Your Needs

Looking for a WordPress plugin developer? If your web site is not getting the traffic you want, or your page views are decreasing, perhaps you should look to a WordPress developer to help. WordPress is becoming one of the more popular blogging platforms because of its user friendly design and extensive plugin support. As a website owner, you have probably written several posts or pages using WordPress and would like to incorporate a bit of WordPress functionality into your website. Well, you need to find a reliable WordPress plugin developer before you hire a freelancer, or you could also hire one of the many available freelance WordPress developers.

wordpress plugin developer

One of the best places to look to find a WordPress plugin developer is via the WordPress website. Basically, this is where you will be able to search for a freelance WordPress programmer or WordPress site designer. Some other places you may want to search are through industry trade journals or classified ads in your local newspaper. You may also check through websites like Craigslist or Guru. The internet is an excellent resource when it comes to finding just about anything, including a WordPress plugin developer.

Another place you can try and locate a WordPress developer is by checking out their portfolio or website. Look for examples of their work and take a look at some of their previous projects. You should be able to find at least three examples of their work on the web. Check out the samples to see if you think they are up to snuff and whether you think their style matches that of your own website. Also, be sure that you have a good feel for what it is you want your website to accomplish.

You can always search Google for a WordPress plugin developer. Just type in” WP plugin developers” or” WP developers” or something similar and you will be able to find several results. Some developers have their own blog sites with plenty of information about their background and past projects. Check out some of these as well. It never hurts to have references.

Visit online forums. If you have trouble finding a WordPress plugin developer, post a question in the comment section and see what other people recommend. Also, be sure to ask specific questions that relate to your website. Don’t ask about a generic plugin if you are developing a website that sells pet supplies. That could be a violation of their licensing agreement.

Talk to others in your industry and find out whom they use. Word of mouth goes a long way. If you know of a local WordPress developer, find out where they get their themes from. Use the knowledge of your industry partners to find out if they can recommend someone who might be a good fit. They may have already done some business with this developer and know how they work.

There are plenty of freelancing websites you can use as well. Freelance writing sites often feature content that is often necessary for website developers to develop. Some freelancers charge very little for these services; others may charge a few dollars per hour. Either way, it’s worth your time to check out a few of these sites and see who offers what kind of quality work at the right price.

While you are doing all of this research, don’t forget to read testimonials of people who have used the service. A quality WordPress plugin developer will have many happy customers who will be willing to speak on the phone, email, or post in the comments section to let you know how well their experience was. And remember, don’t be intimidated by a large number of options. You’ll eventually narrow down your short list of potential developers to one or two that meet your exact needs.