How Do I Choose Which Type of Content I Should Display on My Joomla Website?

Many users of Joomla websites are confused about the different types of content they can place on their websites. Some assume that a blog is the same as an article, while others assume that it means a free download.

This is all nonsense. All websites, whether blogs or articles, are an opportunity to display a variety of content. The question is, which type of content should be displayed on your website?

There are three basic types of content that should be displayed on a website. The first type is the text content. This content is composed of just that: text. For example, if I want to post an article on my website I would use this content.

If the text in the article contains links to other websites I would use one of the other two methods mentioned above. The third method is called HTML code. When text is used in an article or a blog as content it will contain tags that tell the server what to do with the content once it has been published.

The tags and codes will specify where the text should go. For example, the tag and code for a link to another website could be in this format: ““. The first part is the name of the website, the second part is the name of the link and the third part is the target attribute.

The HTML code tells the server where the text should go. When the server finds the words”

Next we have audio-video content. This is where I usually find the people who are confused about what type of content is being posted. They assume that audio and video mean the same thing. They are not.

Audio-video content is used primarily to display movies, TV shows and videos. The text and links in these files are displayed directly within the file itself. To do this properly the content needs to be encoded properly, otherwise the server cannot properly display the content.

Both audio and video files can have embedded text in them. In the case of audio files the text is directly displayed inside the audio file. In the case of video the text is displayed in the graphics inside the video file. In both cases the text needs to be properly encoded to display properly.

Finally we have graphics. Graphics are what appears in a window when you click a link on a website. These are like articles in a magazine and are similar to the text content found in an article.

The only difference between these types of content is that they have no text. An image is simply an image and text is just text. Both can contain images.

While each type of content is separated by a different level of complexity, there is no doubt that the ultimate goal of a Joomla website is to allow people to display different types of content in different ways. With properly coded files, all Joomla websites can use the different types of content in their own unique way.