How to Conduct a WordPress Security Audit

WordPress security audit is a necessity when you are deploying your own site. The reason for the audit is that you have to make sure that the content you are putting on your site is of high quality and is acceptable to other users. Your site should be safe from users who don’t know what they are doing, but at the same time it should be able to remain free from hackers as well.

WordPress security audit requires you to take steps in order to see if you can maintain the security of your site. For this reason you need to be very careful while configuring your web page in terms of security. The more you can do to protect your system, the better it will be for you.

You can start your WordPress security audit by taking a look at the default settings in the PHP file. There are a number of PHP files in your website and you need to make sure that you can deal with all of them. It is therefore important that you check out the default settings and change them if they do not suit your purpose. A default setting in the PHP file can cause your website to be vulnerable.

The main part of your WordPress security audit is done by reviewing the wp-config.php file. This file has been used by many people to configure various things about your website. It can contain some great options that can make your site much more secure. In fact many people have gone to the extent of creating their own plugins to provide you with these security options.

An additional point to note is that the WP-config.php file is also the second file to be checked in your WordPress security audit. If you find that you have an issue with any of the WordPress plugins, you may need to investigate this further before you come to a conclusion.

When you are looking at your WordPress configuration settings, you should keep in mind that they are meant to be set up for personal use only. They should not be used to deploy your site to a wide audience or shared by multiple websites.

The best way to keep your WordPress configuration settings secure is to use a plugin. One such plugin is ModSecurity.

If you are not a very technical person, it is easier to install a plugin like ModSecurity on your own server. The advantage of installing it yourself is that you can make any changes you want.

As there are no real security issues on your server, you do not have to worry about this. However, you do have to remember that your data is just as vulnerable.

The next file to check out is the theme’s.php file. If you look at your theme’s.php file, you will notice that you have two functions within your theme. These are the one that is called ‘include_once’ and the other that is called ‘include’.

It is usually quite simple to see whether or not the right function is being included or not in your WordPress database. If you look at the code for your theme’s.php file you will see that these two functions are being included at the same time.

With this information, you can easily check if the function is being included or not. If it is, then you can use a plugin like ModSecurity to get rid of the function and use another that is being more secure.