Joomla Maintenance – Auto-Update Your Template

Joomla maintenance is a manual process of updating your Joomla template so that it remains error free and ready for use. By employing the best Joomla maintenance tool for maintenance, you can keep your Joomla template fully functional and ready for use.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to update the Joomla templates on time as they require further functionalities such as shopping cart integration or content management modules. As Joomla is so flexible, it requires maintenance that refreshes and supports the users to deliver user-friendly template that is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and user friendly.

As all these modules are developed in Joomla and can be applied to any web page, some of them require certain situations to be worked out. For example, if the contents of the page is solely text, you need to change the font from Times New Roman to Arial or Tahoma so that it does not look thin. It will also not appear like a misprinted page with a poor or pixelated font.

In this case, to ensure that you do not break the layout of the page, the various Joomla templates or Joomla packages would make use of pre-loaded fonts. To take advantage of this feature, you must utilize the certain pre-loaded fonts that were designed by Joomla. These fonts will give you a large number of possible choices that will let you fit the information on your website.

Care must be taken so that you do not have to go out and get new fonts for every module. You can search and look for them by using the search engines and also find out what the pre-loaded font is used for.

If you have moved around to different websites, then it is very likely that you will need to add new e-mail addresses. For this purpose, there are several tools that are readily available.

There are various Joomla maintenance solutions that will add several new mailboxes in a Joomla site and also help you to search for these new e-mail addresses. These maintenance tools include free software, third party tools and the raid tools. So, it is good to make a wise choice as to what maintenance program is the best suited for you.

Sometimes, you might need to add or modify another piece of information as per the requirements of the users. It could be the user guide, the books to add the requirements, other pages, or even content. Whatever you require to do, you can update your Joomla template with ease through the use of online tools.

The three most popular maintenance programs that are used in Joomla maintenance are the modules that allow you to add links to specific modules, software that lets you to convert static pages to animated ones, and software that let you edit the appearance of the overall Joomla site. All these tools require customization of the templates so that they come as close to the original templates. A lot of work has gone into these programs so that you can change the layouts of your Joomla sites and can use any features that you want.

This helps you to add a few pages to a page and also get the option to add the items in a collection to your Joomla site. The three modules used in the maintenance of Joomla templates are GML, LESS and MONITOR.

These are the best tools that you can use in maintaining your Joomla templates. Apart from this, they come with a detailed online user guide to help you understand how they work. Just follow the steps and you will be able to keep your templates fully updated and fully functional.