Protecting Your Website With WordPress Security Audits

When your web site is looking a little ‘mushy’ from time to time, it’s time to have a WordPress Security Audit performed. It’s important that you perform this kind of maintenance regularly in order to keep your website as secure as possible.

You probably didn’t realize the impact of the WordPress Content Management System until you realized your website was “hiding” some content from visitors. This content could be on the page itself, or it could be an obscure link on a page. No matter how it is displayed, it still has the potential to be a problem.

By simply looking at the HTML source code for your website, you can see that it contains all sorts of holes that can be used to hide malicious code. Without an audit, you might be able to miss some malicious code, or even take it for granted that it exists.

In order to find these holes and prevent them from ever being exploited, you’ll need to get your site audited. Although WordPress provides you with a free solution for putting together a blog, it also offers other services, including a complete suite of services for ensuring a better-secure website.

One thing you can do for WordPress is using its whole-site or per-post security audit features. Both of these methods will allow you to dig into your site’s structure and figure out exactly what is on the server and what it means. With both methods, you’ll be able to remove any suspicious areas that are leaving you open to attack.

Not only will a WordPress Security Audit uncover any insecure areas on your site, but it will also provide you with any hints of malicious code. By taking the time to have a professional check out your server, you’ll find that it’s as safe as possible. If you have no way of knowing if your server is safe, you might as well leave it alone!

While the tools provided by WordPress are already very powerful, you may be able to customize them to fit your needs. Whether you want a report that shows you all the “active” content on your site, or a quick audit to catch malicious code, you’ll find a way to make WordPress work for you. Once you find this, you’ll be able to focus on the things that really matter, such as keeping your site secure.

As you might have guessed, the one benefit of a WordPress Security Audit is that it shows you where there is vulnerable code that you need to be mindful of. A small flaw in a code section is often overlooked, but should be fixed immediately. If you take the time to have a professional check it out, you’ll find that your server is secure and that your website will be more user-friendly.

There is one downside to having WordPress perform a security audit, though. Although the results are incredibly helpful, it’s worth noting that a standard WordPress security audit will only pick up areas of security that you’re aware of.

You may find that you have a large number of problems that the system is unable to detect, which can actually affect the use of your site. Because it can’t detect every type of issue, the security module will miss a lot of your potential threats.

Having your server checked by a professional is important, but doing it in a way that you aren’t able to customize is even more so. Whether it’s an outsourced service or you can have the WordPress security audit done by someone on your staff, it will be beneficial to take advantage of.

You should take care of the problems that have been found before they become more difficult to solve, because if they are not taken care of, then the damage can get worse. It’s better to have a better website now than to wait until it is too late.