The Importance of Doing a WordPress Security Audit Before Deploying WordPress

If you have not yet done a WordPress Security Audit, you need to do so before you plan on deploying WordPress for the first time. Security issues with the Content Management System can end up costing more than they are worth, as it can cause more downtime and cost more to repair than it costs to buy a domain name and purchase all the required plugins. It is very important that your site is secure from hackers before you begin hosting your WordPress blog.

A WordPress Security Audit will allow you to determine which of your plugins are using the most CPU time and where there security gaps are. This is critical for any hosting company to ensure that the system has all the tools to protect it from intruders.

A WordPress Security Audit will also include downloading and reviewing all the wp-config.php files in the root of your WordPress blog. Every server that hosts a WordPress blog needs to include this file on installation or else the blog will not work. This file controls many of the WordPress functions and settings.

This file is used to identify the settings and options that the server security configuration should have for each plugin and theme. These settings will allow the administrator to make changes to the security settings on the server, which allows WordPress to be run as a secured, locked down application. A Security Audit will help you determine if any of your server settings should be changed.

It will also help you determine whether any of your WordPress users are getting too many permissions on their accounts, which could allow a hacker to take over your site, stealing valuable information that can be used to launch attacks against your site. A WordPress Security Audit will help you identify which of your users need to be restricted from accessing certain functions of your site. Many WordPress administrators allow this too often, leaving users with access to important elements of the website that can lead to hackers getting full access to the server and other sensitive details.

The reason that the wp-config.php file is included on your site is so that you can easily find a solution to setting up your WordPress blog by visiting your server administrator’s control panel. This information is very helpful when it comes to ensuring that all users are restricted from getting to the most important parts of your site.

These days there are various security threats being conducted by hackers who are very adept at finding and exploiting security holes. It is important that you keep the ability to do a WordPress Security Audit up to date.

It is wise to use the best versions of WordPress. This means that you have to make sure that you only download the latest version of WordPress from your hosting provider. Your hosting provider must have the latest security updates from their security providers.

For large web sites it is recommended that you use a virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated server so that you can dedicate your hard disk space to running WordPress instead of doing the major maintenance. Your server will require less bandwidth, if you use the VPS or dedicated server option.

When you use your hosting provider’s software to install WordPress, they should help you download the correct files from their provider. Most providers will provide you with several packages to download, so you can decide which package is best for your needs.

A WordPress Security Audit will be vital to your security and to your website. Make sure that you take care of it so that it will continue to protect your blog from hacking attempts in the future.