The Joomla Security Audit

If you’ve come across a Joomla Security Audit, you may be wondering why someone would go to that much trouble to do a review of the site. Indeed, this is a logical question. What can be the benefit of the job?

It does indeed make sense to find out what the current security situation is and whether any further measures need to be taken. This will help you make a well informed decision whether or not to re-design the website, whether to change the content of the site, whether to replace any existing content with new, more secure content, whether to implement a firewall, change the design or other key element, etc.

It is important to understand that a Joomla Security Audit should not be considering a “trial run” before making any final decisions. You need to know what to look for as far as the security situation is concerned. Some issues are quite obvious and others may not be easily spotted; this is why an external professional should be hired to do the audit.

The good news is that many of the issues that are reported to be too weak to be considered as a ‘secure’ site can be rectified by updating the content. Some people are unaware of this; but it is simply the fact of changing something every now and then to make sure that all content, files and settings are as secure as possible.

Also, you should know that no matter how strong your internal system is, there are likely to be some problems to be found. A Joomla Security Audit helps in identifying these potential issues; hence, it will allow you to decide if you should replace the outdated content with more secure content, if you should change the server security settings, if you should install a firewall and so on.

The risk that comes with an audit of your website is that of only being able to identify problems that were already present. There may be new issues that have been discovered that need to be dealt with, and if you didn’t have an external expert check your website, you may not be aware of them.

With these many risks, it is important to hire someone to perform a deep, in-depth analysis of your website and investigate various threats that may exist. In fact, it is very useful to have the latest updates from your expert on hand in case there are any changes that need to be made to the existing configuration.

The main benefit of the Joomla Security Audit is that it can tell you if there are any attacks coming through the web that you might not be aware of. The problem with this is that sometimes you may not be aware of certain attacks as they may not have yet been reported; therefore, you may not be aware of the existence of an attack if you haven’t even heard about it.

However, a professional is much better placed to find these types of issues as they will be used to doing this kind of work regularly. They also tend to be good at spotting subtle changes that need to be reviewed.

On the other hand, an outside expert will be able to spot any changes that might have been made that you might not be aware of. This is because they’re experts in the field and they know that there will always be hidden issues lurking in the background that should be detected.

Most businesses who conduct a Joomla Security Audit will pick up any minor flaws, and they’ll be able to fix them without too much hassle. In addition, they’re experts in the area and they won’t need to hire a third party to do the actual work.

It’s important to remember that the Joomla Security Audit doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve got to completely replace your entire website. Just look at the change that has to be made in order to be secure, and then start a comparison between the two.