WordPress maintenance is important for its efficiency. You should adopt the good practices to keep your website in good shape. Taking Care of WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance and SEO to avoid website downtime. Have you ever thought of how effective the maintenance is for your website?

WordPress can be maintained in different ways. There are few basic things that must be taken care of as a part of the maintenance.

Theme should be saved. The name, description and icons of the theme must be saved. After you have saved the theme and its description, they must be regularly updated. Many themes have changed with time and you can lose your users if you keep on using old themes.

A backup of the files, including the site status should be done regularly. The backup will protect you from any problems that may occur in the future.

Using automatic file management is an important step. This will allow you to extract the files to another location or save them at any other location that you want.

Changing the settings of the software is a good idea. You must check whether the settings of the software are in sync with the settings in the site. It is not recommended to change the settings without the help of the administrator of the website.

Check the update check-in feature of the maintenance. You need to visit the website regularly to keep track of the updates of the software and your website.

Always test the information and images of the web site. If you do not do so, you might lose your customers if any of the information is not working or they get any error messages.

Always open and close the theme regularly. It is not recommended to use the themes frequently.

You can make the theme to load faster by increasing the PHP functions. For improving the loading speed of the site, you can add more JavaScript files.

You must also make use of a shared hosting provider. If you choose to do it yourself, you can save some money but the time you will spend in setting up your own domain name will not be worth it.